Chairman’s Letter

Dear HAVA Supporter,

Thank you for your interest in Honored American Veterans Afield [HAVA], a 501[c]3 non-profit organization dedicated to the needs of the returning disabled veteran whose healing and re-integration into American life can be substantially enhanced by participation in hunting and shooting sports. It is organized and is controlled by a group of Sustaining Sponsor companies from the shooting sports industry whose sole interest is in assisting the disabled veteran with his or her return to a normal life. HAVA events are conducted according to the highest ethical and safety standards, and much of the money, equipment and venues for HAVA activities are donated by the Sustaining Sponsors, other sponsoring companies, individual contributors, and other interested people who contribute to the HAVA mission just for the satisfaction of helping those to whom we owe so much.

The disabled veterans participating in HAVA sanctioned events are nominated by elements of the U.S. Military and by affiliated groups who share our concern for these disabled warriors who have given their full measure of commitment to our way of life. They are each an American hero, and all of them seek to return to a fulfilling civilian life with the promise of achieving great things for themselves and their families. These are accomplished individuals, who have suffered great personal tragedy, but whose hope for the future is not diminished by their disability. It is HAVA’s goal, through active participation in outdoor sports activities, to help each of them to re-build the self-confidence needed to face each of life’s challenges.

We solicit your support of these veterans through HAVA by contributing as a company or individual, and pledge that our efforts on behalf of the disabled veteran will make you proud of your association with us.

You will not see much publicity about HAVA activities or its sponsors, nor will we promote the interests of contributing companies. The private, personal rehabilitation of the participating veteran is our only goal, and we will not use them to promote the organization or raise funds. These men and women have given their all in defending the American way of life, and to aid in their physical, mental and cultural rehabilitation is the only HAVA mission. Occasionally in advertising, and every day on our web site, we will acknowledge contributors or sponsors, but we will never tie HAVA to any commercial interest nor will we allow any contributor to exploit the association.

HAVA is a small organization of volunteers with no employees and much lower overheads than most charities – in order to maximize benefits to the veteran. We intend to remain small sponsoring a limited number of events, and to spend most of our energies in being certain that each event is conducted in the best possible manner for the benefit of the veteran. Each of our events will be supervised by an executive from a sponsoring company who is dedicated to the HAVA mission. Our understanding of and sensitivity to the disabled veteran’s needs will grow exponentially over time, and HAVA’s future service to the veteran will benefit greatly from the involvement of such dedicated people.

We appreciate your interest in HAVA, invite you to stay connected to us through our web site, solicit your commitment and contribution to the disabled veteran through HAVA, and pledge strict adherence to our mission on behalf of our sponsors – for the sole benefit of our honored disabled American veterans.

Very truly yours,

Tom Taylor


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National Shooting Sports Foundation

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